Website Design

Your website is often the first point of contact for new customers. While poor website design invariably drives prospects away, a professionally designed and managed website communicates that your company is well run and successful, giving new customers the confidence to do business with you.

At J D Web Design our primary focus is building usable, attractive websites. If your company or organisation does not have a website, we can help you. If you already have a website and it needs to be re-designed, we can help with that too.

Our custom website designers don′t just create a great business site; we create a site for your business.

Getting Started

Clients frequently tell me that they don′t know where to begin when starting a web design project. At J D Web Design, the goal is to help clients all the way through the process. Here are some simple steps that will get your next project moving in the right direction.

  • Get Inspired
    Have a look around at other websites for inspiration, not just your competitors. There are many websites which may help get you inspired. Take note of what you like and don′t like about these websites. It will help you decide the type of design elements you really want.
  • Visit the Websites of Competitors
    In any business, it is essential to know what your competitors are doing. Getting a new website is no exception to this rule. When you visit their websites, note what you like, and write down what you think could be better. This information will be handy later on.
  • Gather Your Content
    Start collecting all of the digital materials like photos, logos, and text that you are going to want on your new website. If you have these materials in hand during your consultations, the process will be much easier.
  • Setup a Consultation
    Setup a consultation with a web design professional. A quality web designer will be able to answer the questions that you have about the process of getting a website online. You will learn the costs and be able to evaluate the best web development method after this meeting. If you would like to set up a consultation with J D Web Design, click here to enter the J D Web Design contact page.

If you need to know more take a look at our frequently asked questions here.